Designed for
Asthma & COPD

Accurate and reliable measurement of lung function.

Our Spirometer

Measure lung function for personalized control of chronic conditions.

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  • Data Analysis

    Home Spirometry is easily adapted to a variety of health care, consumer or insurance provider demands.

    We provide HIPAA compliant hardware and software to perform testing and transmit results for review and interpretation.

    Mobile Apps 


Our HIPAA compliant developer API provides access to results across any electronic medical records system. Easily monitor respiratory health and management in real-time across a wide number of patients.

Our Team

Roberts, Reichlyn & Eschenbacher M.D. share a combined 60+ years of experience in pulmonary care, e-commerce, global distribution, and product development. Home Spirometry is the combination of everything we care about -- solving a global problem, while pushing the limits of technology.

Ryan Roberts

CoFounder, EE/ME, Marketing

Created WeatherFlow Wind Meter
launched numerous products.

Ryan Roberts

Ryan Reichlyn

CoFounder, Sales & Partnerships

Owns and operates worlds
largest chemical compound database.

Ryan Reichlyn

Bill Eschenbacher, M.D.

Partner, Technical Direction

UCC Professor of internal medicine,
pulmonary care expert.

Bill Eschenbacher